Your committee

Portsmouth and Southampton Mini Owners’ Club has a very active committee (who are all paying members of the club) who meet once a month to discuss any matter relating to the running of the Club . This could be the next event the club is attending, an event that we’re organising, requests from members, complaints suggestions, you name it!

Currently, these are the committee members.

  • Chair: Collin French
  • Secretary: Ros Golden
  • Membership: Ros Golden
  • Treasurer: Richard Scott
  • Publicity: Keith Burton

To get in touch with the committee, please use the Contact us link. Your enquiry will be sent to the most appropriate person and we will reply as soon as we reasonably can.

If you are interested in helping the committee with any aspect of running the club, or would like to organise an event, please contact the Chair. All offers of help gratefully received. It isn’t easy running this club!

Just one final point to reiterate: the committee isn’t in charge. We are here to do the paperwork and admin, handle publicity, arrange events and provide merchandise. The club belongs to its members.